Chartered By:

Belmont Hills Elementary School PTG

5000 Neshaminy Boulevard

Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020

Approved: September, 2003


Cub Scout Pack 301(“Pack 301”, “Pack”) of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), espouses the objectives and the principles of the Boy Scouts, as stated by BSA National Headquarters, by the Bucks County Councill and by the Pennsbury District. The Cub Scout Handbooks, enhanced by other BSA produced instruction books and publications, and Council, District, and Pack 301 initiatives, guides the conduct of all Pack activities. These Bylaws and Pack Policy cannot override BSA Policy.


Pack 301 is chartered by Belmont Hills Elementary School PTG Organization. The chartered organization provides a suitable meeting place and facilities for Pack meetings, adult leadership, supervision, and opportunities for a healthy Scouting life for the boys under its care. This also can be the responsibility of the Committee Chair.


The purpose of Cub Scouting is to provide an effective educational program designed to:

1. influence the development of character and attitudes of good citizenship, helping others, good sportsmanship, and pride in growing a strong mind and body;

enhance the development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness;
improve understanding within the family;
strengthen the ability to get along with others and respect other people and self;
foster a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills;
foster a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills;
show how to be helpful and to do ones best;
provide new fun and exciting things to do;
prepare them to become Boy Scouts.


A. Registered Positions
The Pack Committee will consist of, but not be limited to, the following positions: Pack Committee Chairman, Cubmaster, Asst. Cubmaster, Treasurer, Secretary, Advancement/Awards Chair, Den Leader Coach, Den Leaders, Asst. Den Leaders, and the Tiger Cub Coach.

B. Non-Registered Positions
Non-registered positions are defined as: Publicity Chair, Outings/Activities Chair, Blue & Gold Chair, and any other chairmanships created to help run the Pack that are not vital to the Pack’s ability to re-charter.

C. Voting
All registered adult leaders shall have an equal vote on Pack policies. Leaders must be present to cast a vote. Registered leaders serving in more than one position shall have only one vote.

D. Pack
The Pack will provide a well-planned, year-round program of activities that meets the aims of Scouting, and more specifically, the purposes of Cub Scouting. The Pack will endeavor to provide trained, qualified and enthusiastic leadership for all Den and Pack meetings and activities. The Pack will make efforts to support Bucks County Council activities and programs, within reason

E. Cub Scout Committee Organization (Pack Committee)

The members of this organization shall consist of a Committee Chair, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Pack Secretary, Treasurer, Pack­ Advancement Chair, Den Leaders, Webelos Leaders, Parents or Guardians. All scout parents and leaders are members of the Pack Committee.

F. Executive Board Members

The executive board consists of Committee Chair, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Secretaries, Treasurer, and Pack Advancement Chair

G. Committee Chair
Membership on the Executive Board; recruiting adult leadership to run the pack with the Cubmaster; developing the pack program plan for presentation to unit leadership for approval and distributing plans to all parents upon approval; chairing the Pack Committee (Den Rep.) meetings on a monthly basis; assisting the Cubmaster whenever needed; presenting the pack charter to the charter organization annually, preparing the annual pack recharter documents and obtaining the necessary fees, signatures, and information to achieve first time processing.

H. Cubmaster
Membership on the Executive Board; attending the monthly District Roundtable and reporting back to the Den Representative meeting; planning the monthly Pack Meetings with the assistant Cubmasters; conducting the monthly Pack Meetings and developing the pack program plan for presentation to pack leadership with the Assistant Cubmaster; and chairing the monthly Executive meetings in the absence of the Committee Chair whenever needed.

I. Assistant Cubmaster
Membership of the Executive Board; performing all duties as requested by the Cubmaster and Committee chair in planning the monthly pack meetings under the Cubmaster's guidance; planning advancement ceremonies and coordinating Webelos graduation with the Scout Troop, and in the absence of the Cubmaster, conducting the Pack meetings.

J. Pack Secretary
Membership on the Executive Board; attending Executive Meetings and presenting written minutes of the previous meeting; taking minutes to present at the next meeting; sending out mailings requested by the Cubmaster or Committee Chairman; and may be requested by an event chairperson to write up permission slips for the event.

K. Pack Treasurer
Membership on the Executive Board; reporting monthly to the Executive Committee on the fiscal health of the pack in a report describing income and expenses for the committee's review and approval; and keeping signature cards (authorized signers) on both the checking account to date. That person(s) is also responsible for all deposits to the pack checking , reconciling the checking accounts to the monthly bank statement; coordinating all cash payments, and obtaining receipts for the pack records prior to reimbursement or payment when approved. All reimbursements less that $50.00 may be approved by the Committee Chair. Reimbursements greater than $50.00 shall be approved by the majority vote of the Pack committee in attendance. The treasurer also helps the Committee Chair collect annual fees in a timely and orderly fashion.

L. Pack Advancement Chair
Membership on the Executive Board; attending the Den Representative meeting; completing the Den advancements for the month from the den leader or representative. Awards not obtained at this meeting will be carried over to the next pack meeting. Prior to the Pack Meeting, the advancement chair compiles the pack advancement report, goes to the council office and purchases patches and awards, or arranges for someone else to do so and turns all receipts over to the Pack Treasurer and prepares a list of awards for each Pack Meeting. Then fills out a recognition card for each award, prepares a package for this card and the award for each boy, and sorts the awards by den to speed the recognition process for the den leaders.

M. Den Leaders
Being a registered leader of Pack 301 who leads the Cub Scout den They are not part of the Executive Board. They attend or get someone to attend monthly Den Representative meetings and Pack meetings on their behalf.

N. Family
Cub Scouting gives families an opportunity to spend quality time together. It is the leader's role to provide interest, skill and time in developing a good program. The family provides help and support for the Den and Pack. Families can help in many different ways, which may vary from family to family, depending upon family structures and other family responsibilities. Some of the examples of family involvement include:

Work with their son and give him the opportunity to pass his achievements and electives towards his badge of rank.
Participate in advancement ceremonies involving their Scout.
Support and take part in all Pack activities including attending monthly Pack meetings and Den meetings.
Volunteer in a Pack Committee or help occasionally at Pack meetings or with special Pack activities.
Help with Pack finances by making sure their son pays his dues on time.
Cooperate with the Den Leader to help provide the best Scouting Program for their son.
Provide refreshments, transportation, and communication when necessary.

O. Terms of Office

1. Den Leaders and Assistants - Den Leaders and Assistants serve on a volunteer basis. These positions are held as long as the individual desires, but should not be accepted unless the volunteer is reasonably sure that at least one full year can be completed.

2. Pack Committee - Pack Committee positions are all occupied on a volunteer basis. These positions are held as long as the individual desires, but should not be accepted unless the volunteer is reasonably sure that at least one full year can be completed. Each year the Pack Committee should seek candidates to fill these positions. In the event more than one candidate is available to fill a position, all registered leaders will vote to decide the best possible candidate for that position.


Pack 301 is open to all boys of the proper age/grade levels as specified by the BSA. It is the policy of Pack 301 to encourage a boy to maintain an active interest in his religious preference. No boys will be turned away because of financial hardship.

JOINING: When a boy and his family desire to become a part of the Pack they should contact any member of the Pack who can then direct them to the Cubmaster or Committee Chair.

TRANSFER: Transfers will be accepted on the same basis as new Cub Scouts and will be welcomed at any Pack Meeting. It is particularly important that transferring Cub Scouts obtain transfer papers or other documents from their old Pack, which will certify the record of advancement so that proper credit can be given.


All Cub Scouts and their parents are encouraged to support their Den and Pack through active participation in Den and Pack activities. A parent should join their son at Den meetings. The entire family is welcome at Pack meetings and many outings are intended for the families.


Dens are kept to no more than 8-9 boys per den. The goal of the Pack is for your son to be able to follow the Cub Scout motto: "DO YOUR BEST”. If at any time during the Scout year a parent feels there is a problem within the den, the following steps should be taken:

If possible, discuss the problem with the person(s) involved. If it is another person in the Den, contact the Den Leader first.
If the problem is with the Den Leader or Assistant Den Leader, meet with that person if at all possible.
If the problem is not resolved or if you are not comfortable talking with the Den Leader or Assistant(s), contact the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, or Pack Committee Chair. If you do not contact the Cubmaster directly, the person you talk to will notify the Cubmaster.
Whenever possible, a meeting of all parties involved will be held in order to resolve the issue.


A Cub Scout is expected to behave himself at all meetings and outings. The following behaviors (not a complete list) may result in disciplinary action

running in the hallways or leaving the areas of the school that we are permitted to use, also any destruction or defacing of school property or school related property

hitting, punching, or kicking....sceaming, or shouting in the school
throwing items unless it is an organized activity or approved by an adult.
using foul, profane, abusive language; demeaning or offensive language; racial, ethnic, or religious slurs; and harassment of any kind.
use or possession of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
teasing, antagonizing, intimidating, or hazing.
possession of sexually explicit material.
gambling of any kind.
disrespect to adult leaders or disobedience by Scouts are some examples of behavior which will not be tolerated at Den meetings, Pack meetings or outings. On those rare occasions when discipline is necessary, the following action will be taken:

Verbal Reprimand: The Den leader or Assistant will take the boy out of the activity and talk ­with him about what he has done wrong. The boy will then rejoin the activity.
Time Out: The boy will again be taken out of the activity and spoken to but he will not be allowed to rejoin the group or complete the particular project or activity. He can rejoin when they move on to the next activity.
Call the Parent: If the boy does not correct the behavior, his parents will be asked to take him home. Since parents are expected to stay for all our meetings, they will be asked to leave with their son immediately.
Refer the Scout to the Cubmaster: If the behavior persists or was extreme, the Cubmaster will determine appropriate discipline.
Discuss the matter at the Pack Committee meeting: The Pack Committee will hold a meeting where final action will be determined.


Blue and Gold are the Cub Scout colors. They have special meaning: The blue stands for truth and spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above. The gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheery and happiness. Webelos have the option of wearing the blue or the khaki colored shirt.

SECTION 1. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The minimum uniform requirement for Pack 301 is a uniform shirt, neckerchief, and neckerchief slide. At Pack 301, we require a waist up only cub scouting uniform. Click Here to get more information on our uniforming policies. The shirts (and many other supplies) can be purchased at the Bucks County Council Scout Shop, or from the Cubmaster. We will offer uniform order forms in September and items can be ordered and will be delivered the following week. All orders must be paid in full before your purchases will be made.

SECTION 2: COLORS BY RANK: Wolf Cubs wear a gold scarf, Bears a blue scarf, and the Webelos wear a blue, green, red and gold plaid scarf. The Wolf and Bear Cubs wear the Cub Scout logo scarf slide and the Webelos wear the Webelos logo scarf slide or any other acceptable tie slide. Webelos also wear "colors" on their right sleeve where they wear the activity pins they earn.

SECTION 3: UNIFORM INSPECTION: Your den may hold inspections and they will also be part of the Pack Meetings. A boy is expected to wear his uniform clean and neat to all Pack Meetings and Cub Scout Pack 301 scouting events, unless otherwise specified. Class "B" uniforms are to be worn to all den meetings, and specific outings.


Leaders will furnish their own uniforms

Scouts will provide their own uniforms although Pack 301 Class "B" t-shirts are given "Free" to all scouts upon registration.

No Scout will be denied the opportunity to participate due to an inability to purchase uniform items. If a Scout cannot purchase a uniform, arrangements will be made.


The uniform shirt shall have the following insignias in the proper places:

Bucks County Council Patch– left sleeve

Pack numerals - left sleeve

American flag – right sleeve

Den numerals – right sleeve

Badges of rank – on left pocket

Tiger Cub Uniform

The Tiger Cub uniform consists of the Official BSA orange Tiger Cub T-shirt or an orange T-shirt with the Tiger Cub iron-on.

Tiger Cub Adult partners are strongly encouraged to wear the official BSA orange adult T-shirt to Scouting activities, but it's not mandatory.

Cub Scout Uniform

The Cub Scout uniform consists of the following Official BSA clothing and insignia for the proper rank; Neckerchief with Neckerchief slide, Uniform shirt,

Leaders Uniform

The Leader uniform consists of the following Official BSA clothing and insignia; Uniform shirt


Fiscal Year

The fiscal year will run from September 1 of the current year to August 31 of the following year.

Pack Expenses

The Pack Committee must approve all expenses prior to any distribution of funds.

Only the Pack Advancement Chair, Cubmaster and Treasurer are authorized to sign checks. No two signatures may come from the same family.

All checks issued must have two of the three authorizing signatures.

A Pack Financial Statement will be made available to all parents once a year

Fund Raiser(s)

Pack 301 Will Never participate in any fundraisers, involving scouts, their parents or families. We will participate in Bensalem Pride days, Core Creek Park's Cornell Pumpkin Festival, and would expect participation by all our Scouts.

Den Expenses

All Den dues are to be collected and recorded by the Den Leader.

The Den Leader is authorized to spend Den funds for appropriate Den expenses and to keep receipts for the funds spent.

By the last Den meeting in the spring, all money from the dues should either be spent or returned to the Scouts in proportion to the amount of dues paid.

Fees and Dues

Annual Registration Fees

The Annual registration fee for a Scout to join or remain active is $35.00 for one boy, $25.00 for two and the third or more are FREE !

The Scout’s parents pay the fee.

No boy will be refused registration because of an inability to pay the fee. If the fee cannot be paid, arrangements will be made. Just come and talk to Anthony (cubmaster) or Terry (assistant cubmaster)

No refunds of fees will be made once scheduled Den meetings begin.

Registration Fee Breakdown

All Scouts: $10.00 for National registration in the BSA

All Scouts: $0.67 for insurance

All Scouts: $10.80 for Boy's Life (Only one per household)

All Scouts: The balance of the registration fee is used to help defray the cost of advancement awards and Pack activity expenses.

The preceding fees are standard fees associated with BSA. Pack 301 does not set these fees.


Pack 301 will pay the registration for adult leaders.

Den Dues

Den dues are used to pay for the expenses associated with Den craft projects and activities.

The Den Leader will set the amount for Den dues. Each den and its leaders, along with the parents are self- governing groups who will collect and manage their dues with-in the best interest of the group. Due fees are to be minimal, in keeping with the Pack 301 theme of not overspending, or wastefully spending. takes more effort to be clever and frugal, while still giving the boys a quality program, and that's what we here at Pack 301 are all about. Spend less and do more!!!

Each boy will pay den dues whether or not he attends.

The Den Leader will set arrangements as to payment.

Continuous non-payment of dues will result in a call from the Den Leader, Cubmaster or Pack Committee Chairman to the Scout’s parents.



Den meetings are generally held 3 times per month, as long as school is in session. All meetings are held at Belmont Hills Elementary School, 5000 Neshaminy Boulevard, Bensalem, Pa. 19020. Parents are asked to attend with sons. Den meetings are planned and run by the Den Leader with the help of an assistant Den leader(s). Den meetings are planned around the monthly theme. The location of the Den meetings can be different if a den decides to. (example would be a field trip to a police station or fire house). Each Den chooses the structure of their own Den.


Pack meetings are usually scheduled for the last Tuesday evening of each month at Belmont Hills Elementary School from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The entire family is encouraged to attend the Pack meeting and support the Cub Scouts in their advancement. Pack meetings are not held during the months of June, July and August, but summertime events are planned. The Pack meeting program includes opening and closing ceremonies, recognition of boys who have earned awards, presentation of skits and stunts by Dens. The Pack meeting is planned around a monthly theme and is lead by the Cubmaster with the help of other adult Pack Leaders.


Executive meetings are scheduled at different times during the school year with the Executive Board members. The purpose of the executive meeting is to plan the Pack Committee (Den Rep) meeting.


Meetings are normally held on the Tuesday evening after a weekly den meeting, once a month. Important to the successful operation of the Pack is the Den Representative Meeting, a group of adults who manage such things as recordkeeping, finance, leadership, and registration. The adults include the Executive Staff, Den Leaders, parents, guardians and friends of Cub Scouting. Our pack will continue to grow as long as we have adults who are willing to share their time, ideas and experience.

Tiger Cub Meetings

The Tiger Cub Coach is a member of the Pack, that oversees the Tiger Cub Dens and reports to the Cubmaster

The Tiger Cubs Dens should be scheduled to meet weekly between the months of September and May.

Meetings are to be attended by the Tiger Cub AND his adult partner, usually a parent or other family member, 18 or older.

If Tiger Cub/Adult partners are absent for more than two consecutive months, The Tiger Cub Coach will contact the family to inquire about the reason for non-attendance. If possible, the Tiger Cub Coach can move the family to another group, depending on the size of the group and with the permission of the Cubmaster.

If Tiger Cub/Adult Partners miss more than 50 percent (five meetings) of the Tiger Cub monthly meetings, the Pack can withhold the Tiger Cub Graduate Patch and certificate.

The Tiger Cub Coach is to report the status of the Tiger Cubs/Adult Partners monthly to the Cubmaster.

Den Meetings

The den meetings should be held weekly between the months of September and June (except holidays)

Scouts shall attend the meeting in the proper uniform at the scheduled time and place established by the Den Leader. Pack 301 prope uniform is our Class "B: T-shirt for den meetings and Official Cub Scout Uniform for all Pack meetings, parades and whenever else specified.

In the event of cancellation, the Den Leader is to notify each family with sufficient notice. Our Pack will rely heavily on giving information through the website, so be sure to have your e-mail address on file so that you can be notified in the event of a forced cancellation. (examply...snowday, water main break).

Valid complaints about Den Meetings should be brought to the attention of the Pack Committee Chair or the Cubmaster.

If a Scout will be absent from a meeting, the Den Leader should be notified in advance by e-mail to the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster or by calling the den leader directly.

If it's an absent scouts turn to bring snack, then it is that scouts responsibility to arrange for the snack or switch dates with another scout, so that the scouts that are in attendance for the den meeting will have a snack to enjoy at the end of the evening.

If a Scout is absent for three consecutive meetings without prior notification or valid excuse, the Den Leader will contact the parents. If there is no improvement, the Cubmaster will be notified and will have final authority for resolution of the matter. As you join a group, that group looks to depend on you for your contribution, so attendance is expected weekly.

A registered adult leader must be present during every Den Meeting.

Pack Meetings

The monthly Pack Night is official meeting of all Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Leaders.

The Pack Night is for the entire family.

Pack Nights are held on the last Tuesday of the month from September through May. If this falls on a holiday, the meeting will be rescheduled.

Pack Nights are held at the Belmont Hills Elementary School.

Pack Night opening ceremonies start at 7:00 p.m. sharp, Please be on time as we will be beginning with the Pledge of Alligience after our opening ceremony.

All Scouts are expected to attend the Pack Night. It is the culmination of what they have been doing at home with their families and at their Den Meetings for the past month.

Advancement and other awards will be presented at Pack Nights.

At least one parent, or other adult, must be present with their Scout at Pack Night. The Scout’s Den Leader is not required to accept responsibility for your son.

Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children and Scouts at Pack Night. When someone is speaking in the front of the room, silence and proper attention is required as we show respect to whomever has something to say.

Pack Committee Meetings:

The Pack Committee Meeting is held each month prior to the Pack Night.

The Pack Committee Chairman will set the date and time of the meeting and notify the Leaders and parents.

All Leaders and parents are encouraged to attend and discuss the issues of the Pack..


If Belmont Hills Elementary School has been closed for any reason, any planned Pack or Den activities at the school are also automatically cancelled. Special activities may be rescheduled.


The Cub Scout Program has four ranks: Tigers, Wolf, Bear and Webelos. The Arrow of Light is the highest award in Cub Scouts.

SECTION 1. BOBCAT: A boy's first step after registering as a Cub Scout, regardless of his age, is to pass the Bobcat requirements. They are:

*Learn and give the Cub Scout Promise.

*Repeat and explain the Law of the Pack

*Explain the meaning of Webelos.

*Give and explain the Cub Scout sign and handshake.

*Give and explain the Cub Scout motto and salute.

When a boy has learned these things he is eligible to receive his Bobcat badge at a Pack Ceremony. He then begins working on the rank for his grade or age.

SECTION 2. TIGER CUB: A boy who is in first grade (or is 6 years old) and registered with his adult parent as a member of a Tiger Cub Den. Recognition available to Tiger Cub Scouts includes beads earned for their totem.

SECTION 3: WOLF: The Wolf rank is for boys who are in second grade (or are 7 years old). To become a Wolf Cub Scout, a boy must pass 12 achievements based on skill level. After he has earned the Wolf badge, he is encouraged to work on the 22 Wolf electives until he completes second grade (or age 8 years old). When he completes 10 elective projects, he earns a Gold Arrow Point to wear under the Wolf badge. For each additional 10 elective projects completed, he earns a Silver Arrow Point.

SECTION 4. BEAR: The Bear rank is for boys who are in third grade (or are 8 years old). There are 24 Bear achievements of his choice in four different categories to earn the Bear badge. These requirements are somewhat more difficult and challenging than those for Wolf. When he has earned his Bear badge, he may work on electives for credit toward Bear arrow points. He may also complete additional elective credit requirements from the 12 achievements he did for use in earning his Bear rank. Like the Wolf, he receives a Gold Arrow Point for each additional 10 he completes. His arrows are worn below the Bear badge.

SECTION 5. WEBELOS: The Webelos badge is for boys who are in fourth grade (or are 9 years old). This rank is called Webelos 1. Webelos 2 are in fifth grade (or are 10 years old). Both work on the same requirements. To earn the Webelos Badge, a boy must be in a Webelos Den for 3 or more months. He must complete 8 requirements, which includes earning the Fitness and 2 other activity pins. After he receives the Webelos badge he can earn the Compass Points emblem. He must earn four more activity pins to receive it. He can earn a compass point for each four additional activity pins received.

SECTION 6. THE ARROW OF LIGHT AWARD: The Arrow of Light Award is Cub Scouting's highest award. Among the requirements to earn the Arrow of Light Award is to earn a total of eight activity pins. They must include Citizen, Fitness, Readyman and at least one from each of the following groups: outdoor group, the mental skills group and the technology group. Earning the Arrow of Light Award tells everyone that you are ready to be a Boy Scout.


SECTION 1. RELIGIOUS EMBLEMS PROGRAMS: The Boys Scouts of America provides programs and ideals that compliment the aims of all religions, with the result that religious organizations are the single largest category of chartered organizations for Packs.

SECTION 2. ACADEMIC AND SPORTS PROGRAMS: This is a program open for all age Cub Scouts. The boys can earn belt loops, pins, patches and letters for participating in the following academics/sports: art, chess, citizenship, communicating, computers, geography, heritages, mathematics, music, science, weather, wildlife conservation, badminton, baseball, basketball, bicycling, bowling, fishing, golf, gymnastics, marbles, physical fitness, skating, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, ultimate and volleyball.

SECTION 3. PATCHES AND PATCH VEST: The Cub Scouts earn many patches. Many of these are awards of rank, which becomes a permanent part of their uniform. There are also patches related to events and projects.


The Pack

The Cubmaster is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date roster of all Scouts and Leaders.

The Pack Treasurer is responsible for the financial records, bank account(s), and any checks issued by the Pack.

Records will be kept on all activities for future evaluation and reference.

Individual Cub Scout Record forms and Den Advancement forms will be provided by the Pack to all Den Leaders.

The Awards/Advancement Chair will maintain up-to-date records of all Scout Advancement, and regularly forward Pack Advancement reports to the Bucks County Council.

The Den

All Den Leaders are expected to keep accurate up-to-date attendance, advancement and dues records on each Scout.

The individual Cub Scout record form should be turned in to the Den Leader Coach or Cubmaster whenever a Scout permanently leaves his Den or Pack.

Den Advancement Reports

Den Leaders must turn in Den Advancement reports to the Awards/Advancement Chair two weeks prior to Pack Night or as specified by the Awards/Advancement Chair.

Once submitted to the Awards/Advancement Chair, no other extra names or awards should be added for that month. Exceptions may be made at the sole discretion of the Awards/Advancement Chair.



Permission Slips

All Pack and Den outings require a permission slip signed by the Scout’s parent or guardian prior to the outing, even if his parent or guardian will accompany the Scout.

The approved or standard Pack 301 permission slip should be used and will be provided to the Dens by the Pack.

The Scout Leader in charge during the outing must carry the permission slips. They contain the authorization to provide emergency medical services should the need arise.


The Leader in charge of the outing must be a registered leader and at least one other adult, 18 or older, must accompany the group.


All Pack and Den outings that take the Scouts outside the Pennsybury District boundaries require a tour permit. This permit must be submitted to the Council at least two weeks prior to the outing.


All drivers must be 21 years of age or older, carry the proper insurance on their vehicle, and carry only the number of people as can be properly secured by seat belts, per BSA rules.


While there will be no regular Pack Meetings from June to August, several events will be planned before the last Pack Committee meeting in May. The pack committee will appoint a coordinator/chairman for each event. The following is an example of events that may be included:


This event is held on Memorial Day. The Cub Scouts march in the Memorial Day parade in their uniforms in Bensalem Township.


This event is held on the first available outing and presided by the Cubmaster or other appropriate leader.

INDEPENDENCE DAY PARADE: This event is held on the morning of July 4th and travels through Second Street Pike, Southampton, Pa.

MISCELLANEOUS OUTINGS: These events can be held at any time with proper District approval.


Cub Scout Pack 301 can determine their own activities as long as they do not conflict with other district level activities or the rules of the BSA..


If any of these bylaws are in violation of BSA, state or federal rules and regulations, then the appropriate rules or regulations will preside over these by-laws. These bylaws can be amended by majority vote of the Pack Committee with notice given at the prior two Pack Meetings. These changes will be effective immediately upon their approval.